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May 28, 2024 | Carlos Preciado

Ferrari Roma Spider Demonstrator

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We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Ferrari South Bay fleet of dynamic demos: the highly anticipated Ferrari Roma Spider.

Carlos Preciado
May 28, 2024

Our showroom will proudly showcase the new Ferrari Roma Spider throughout its model lifecycle. Clients will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of open-top driving with its powerful twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the finesse of its advanced suspension, and the refinement that only Ferrari can deliver. Whether awaiting the arrival of their own Roma Spider or seeking inspiration to craft a personalized configuration, this model promises to captivate and delight.

The Ferrari Roma Spider marks a new chapter in Ferrari’s history, showcasing an exquisite blend of performance, driving pleasure, and comfort. With its sleek design and open-top experience, the Roma Spider embodies the Prancing Horse’s DNA, offering a unique and thrilling driving experience. This latest model encapsulates the essence of Ferrari, where elegance and excitement coexist in perfect harmony.

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Model Overview

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2024 Ferrari Roma Spider

Our Roma Spider demonstrator features a striking Celeste exterior paint paired with a Nero technical fiber top and a Nero interior. Carbon fiber accents throughout the interior and exterior pay homage to the Roma Spider's performance roots. Passengers can fully engage in the driving experience via the passenger display panel. Exterior highlights include black calipers and sport tailpipes, enhancing its sporty appeal.

We invite you to explore the gallery above for a closer look at this extraordinary machine. For further information on the Ferrari Roma Spider, kindly visit the link provided below or reach out to the Ferrari South Bay Sales team to schedule a private viewing.