Consign Your Vehicle


While your Ferrari's allure endures, your garage might eventually find itself short on space

If a new model is beckoning you, and it's time to make room, trust Ferrari South Bay to be the steward of your car. Say goodbye to the hassles of screening potential buyers and the uncertainty of private party sales. Let Ferrari South Bay connect your treasured vehicle with a new owner who will appreciate its timeless charm.


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Maximize your return by selling your vehicle at retail price

A trade-in or wholesale transaction will make for a quick sale, but may also leave money on the table. Inquire about consigning your car with Ferrari South Bay and our Sales team will get to work by conducting a market analysis to determine the fair market price for your vehicle.


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Our service team can prepare the car for market

Following a comprehensive inspection, thorough review of the service history, and checks for any open recalls, our service team will provide reconditioning recommendations aimed at attracting potential buyers and boosting the chances of a successful sale. Subsequently, the vehicle will undergo professional detailing before finding its place in our showroom.


We’ll flex our sales and marketing resources


We'll leverage our state-of-the-art photography studio and immersive 360° media to set your car apart from the competition and present it in the best light possible, leaving prospective buyers captivated.


We'll arrange in-person viewings with our expert sales personnel to showcase all the exceptional features of your car


We provide services designed to enhance the buyer's experience, including financing options, Certified Pre-owned programs, and extended warranty offerings


We'll manage the entire transaction process, from the documentation, and taking payment, to arranging transportation, ultimately ensuring you a seamless experience that ends with a check in your hands.

Let's Get The Ball Rolling!

Complete our consignment inquiry form to begin the process of consigning your car with Ferrari South Bay.