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May 28, 2024 | Carlos Preciado

Rare Sightings: 2011 Ferrari SA Aperta

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This is a 2011 Ferrari SA Aperta, a limited production, true roadster that has earned its place in history as one of the most sought-after collectible Ferrari’s of the 21st century.

Carlos Preciado
May 28, 2024

Limited to just 80 units worldwide, it celebrates the 80-year partnership between Ferrari and Pininfarina, the SA paying homage to both Sergio Pininfarina and his son Andrea two brilliant minds that helped shape the most successful roadgoing performance cars ever built at Maranello.

Carrying over the spirit of other great Ferrari grand tourers, the 550 Barchetta & 575 Superamerica, the SA Aperta sports a front mounted 6.0L NA V12 that produces 661hp, borrowed from the track-focused 599GTO. The transmission is the F-1 6-spd automated manual and has been tuned to be less aggressive along with the adaptive suspension and exhaust carried from the 599XX to create a unique and timeless driving character. 

The SA Aperta is a true roadster, designed to enjoy the open top experience properly with a low-slung windshield and a profile that arches backwards from the A-post to two aerodynamic fins seamlessly integrating the roll bars and creating a presence of aerodynamic sleekness. The chassis has been stiffened compared to its closed top Berlinetta counterpart with negligible weight difference, maintaining performance and driving pleasure. 

This example is finished with a stunning Grigio Silverstone exterior, with a contrasting upper half, a defining quality of the SA Aperta. The interior sports a Cioccolato colored leather with silver accents to match the A-pillar and Aerodynamic fins, as well as an included bespoke Schedoni Luggage set, complete with the original protective bags. 

The SA Aperta is a page out of Ferrari’s history. A landmark of elegance, pure-bred performance and exclusivity reserved for only the most passionate of Ferrari afficionados.