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Ferrari Portofino – The Reviews Are In!

By January 24, 2020 No Comments

Ferrari introduced the Portofino promising a GT car that represents a unique combination of sportiness, elegance and onboard comfort. The car has now been on the road for some time, allowing automotive experts and journalists to get seat-time in the twin-turbo V8 powered retractable hardtop convertible. Their reviews are in, and the Portofino does not disappoint. See a selection of excerpts from various media outlets below and follow the subsequent links for their full reviews.

Portofino Reviews

“Irresistible looks, thrilling acceleration and exhaust note, seamlessly integrated retractable hardtop….The Portofino is a stunning showpiece and a grand-touring masterpiece.”

-Car and Driver

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“The Ferrari Portofino is the super stallion you’ll want to drive every day”

-Digital Trends

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“It mixes a blend of beauty, luxury and sportiness. The perfect combination for a practical Ferrari Sportscar.”

-Vehicle Virgins

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“Hellishly fast, ultra-stylish integration of coupe and convertible, beautifully designed and made”

-Top Gear

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“It’s a car you can comfortably drive every day, with performance that should be reserved for the track. Oh, and it looks good, too.”


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This car takes on a whole new life of its own because this is a retractable hardtop convertible. So with the press of this button here, in 14 seconds, we now have an entirely different driving experience.


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To learn more about the new Ferrari Portofino, email, call (888)578-8767, or visit


Photo Credit: Franco Bonifaz